Frequently Asked Questions About Camp Life

Campers select their own activities. Morning activities are chosen weekly, two periods every morning, which affords the opportunity for skill development. Afternoon choices are offered on a daily basis and tend to have more of a focus on just fun.


Because of the small size of our camps and the extent of our facilities, campers often get their first choices. In the case of activities where openings are limited (horseback riding, for example), first choice will go to those who haven’t ridden yet. Those who want to ride as often as possible may have to skip a week of morning riding, but will be able to choose afternoon riding almost every day.

As with activities, boys and girls choose the trips they go on. We start offering trips almost as soon as the campers arrive, with lots of day hikes, afternoon and evening canoe paddles, and overnight trips around the lake. We continue to run day trips throughout the whole summer, but also transition into three, four and five day trips during the latter half of the season. Trips are described to the campers, so they can get an idea of which ones sound like their “cup of tea,” and we offer a wide variety of mountain climbing and canoeing trips to match the wide range in abilities and desires. Some campers choose to go on as many trips as possible, while others choose only one or two, and that’s fine!


Not only do campers see beautiful places and have a great time with their friends on these trips, but they learn camping skills as well, and a lot about working together as a team. Pitching tents and tarps, building fires and cooking, learning the use of map and compass, and taking care of personal hygiene out-of-doors are all actively taught.

No.  Our camp fee is all inclusive.  The only additional charges are related to transportation (bus rides, airport pickups, etc).