Visiting Day

For those who plan to visit your children on Saturday, July 27, both camps will be open to visitors starting at 9:30 AM.  We request that you do not stop at camp on Friday, or on Sunday morning after your visit. If you are not able to visit we will be happy to take your camper out for a fun day but please let us know your plans as soon as possible.  Please do not bring dogs with you since the camp animals are likely to be upset by unfamiliar canine visitors.

We invite families to spend some time exploring our grounds and watching activities before picking up your camper.  Before leaving for the day, please check out with a director or section head.  Please note that campers are permitted to leave camp only with their own families unless the director has received written permission to allow a child to leave with someone else.  You are welcome to return to camp for a 5pm swim, and we ask that all campers and families be back by 6 pm in time for a picnic supper at Whippoorwill followed by a sing.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will have picnic suppers at separate camps.  Either way, the evening will end promptly at 8:15 PM, when all campers (except for departing campers) will return with their counselors to their living areas.

In order to protect those with serious allergic reactions to nuts, please keep in mind that we are a nut-free program, so we ask that any items that contain nuts or nut products be left at home.  This includes food items that 'may contain nuts' and also toiletries that include 'nut oils'.‚Ä®Finally, a health note from our nurses: If you or a family member is ill on visiting day, or still at a contagious stage of an illness to which you or a family member has been exposed, we ask that you postpone your visit. In the event of illness, other arrangements can be made to visit when your health is not an issue.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing many of you soon!


Here are a few online resources and destinations which you may find interesting and useful for when you are visting your camper: Here you will find all sorts of information for your visit.  Remember to look under both Essex and Clinton counties. You will find a complete set of lodging listings here.

Ausable Chasm is located nearby in Keeseville, Lake Placid, NY is located about an hour away, and another option is to take the ferry to visit Burlington and the surrounding area (the Port Kent/Burlington ferry is no longer in operation.  The next closest ferries are the Grand Isle, VT/Plattsburgh, NY and Charlotte, VT/Essex, NY ferry).  If you do choose to go to Burlington, keep in mind that it is a 3 hour round trip.