Typical Day & Menu

The camp schedule is a mix of formal activities and less structured time that allows children to be active and engaged, while also giving opportunities for rest and enjoying time with friends.  After breakfast and cleanup, all campers head off to two periods of morning instructional activities, which are chosen on a weekly basis.  After lunch and a rest hour, they head to afternoon activities, which are chosen daily.  There are opportunities to swim, play outside, or hang out with friends following activity periods.  Evenings can take many forms, from special all-camp events, to swimming, fishing, or field games.  The days are full and offer a great mix of the physical activity and adventure of life in the outdoors, coupled with down-time to recharge and connect with friends, all in the idyllic Adirondack environment.

Meals are home cooked and delicious!  Typical breakfasts include eggs and bacon, pancakes, or french toast.  Lunches always have an extensive salad bar and main courses might include mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti.  Supper, which also has a salad bar, can be anything from a traditional turkey dinner, to tacos, to hamburgers cooked on an outdoor grill.  And an awesome salad/breakfast bar is a constant at all meals.  We eat well to fuel ourselves for the fun of camp life!