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Week 2!

Week 2 is coming to a close at North Country Camps, and we have so much to tell you! Good health and (mostly) good weather made for dynamic and varied activity and trip offerings, and the 4th of July holiday set the stage for some celebratory shenanigans, beginning with our intrepid riding staff waking up both camps with their annual early morning Paul Revere ride through the sections. Both camps ended the day with lakeside sunset fireworks, a camp tradition that brings oohs, aahs, and giggles from both new and returning campers and staff.



At Whip, intrepid soccer players prepared for upcoming games against our friendly rival, Camp Poko-MacCready, while other campers ducked the heat by swamping canoes and playing kayak games. The first day hikes went out, including a couple of high peaks, and stout paddlers braved the challenges of an afternoon/evening AuSable River-to-Lake Champlain canoe excursion (including burgers on the beach, woohoo!). The Birdies spent a sunny afternoon picking strawberries, which were later enjoyed by the rest of camp. The dramatically inclined auditioned for this summer’s camp play, Alice in Wonderland, and wrote and rehearsed skits, songs, and dance routines for First Concert. There was even some original poetry presented before the fireworks!



From the Lincoln end of the lake, campers hit the trails on Cascade and Porter, Noonmark, Catamount, Cobble Hill, Hurricane and, in a camp first, Gilligan (the mountain, not the island). Canoeists practiced their rescue techniques to prove their mettle for the summer’s first afternoon/evening AuSable-to-Champlain trip, keeping a weather eye on wind conditions before their picture-perfect glide all the way down to Port Kent. Soccer players laced up to practice for the Poko showdown, windsurfing surged in popularity, and bicyclists not only pedaled hard, they shoveled and raked hard, too, reinvigorating some nearly-forgotten bike trails around camp. Still others sought the limelight by auditioning for the play or preparing concert skits.



Positive vibes and memory-making will proliferate in both camps as we welcome some new campers this weekend, and still more next weekend. Stay tuned for more reports as we continue another great summer at Lincoln and Whippoorwill!

All best,

Jen and Matt

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