Picture of Jen Livingston

Jen Livingston


Jen Livingston has over two decades of camp experience, serving in almost every capacity at North Country Camps, including several years as camp director. She was raised at camp, spending her earliest summers at Lincoln where her parents were fixtures for several generations. As a camper at Whippoorwill, Jen gained self-confidence, independence and skills in many activities which formed her appreciation for the role that mentorship plays in the development of young people. She worked at Whippoorwill as a cabin counselor, section head, Trip Program Director, Program Director and Associate Director before pursuing a career in education administration. Jen possesses twenty years of experience in leading, designing and implementing residential and students affairs programming in secondary and post-secondary schools. Jen lives in South Burlington, Vermont and enjoys crafting, kayaking, hiking and traveling with her daughter who is also a camper.