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Special Events!

Special events (such as Pioneer Meet, which we discussed here) happen every weekend at both Whip and Lincoln. Campers look forward to these events because they provide a fun break in the daily schedule. Here are a few to highlight:


County Fair, essentially an all-camp carnival, is a mixed big event that occurs on Saturday of week 4. In the week leading up to County Fair, the event MC’s (several counselors from both Lincoln and Whip) prepare skits to perform at meal times at both camps, where they introduce the County Fair theme of that summer and get campers excited for the event. The theme this year was “Beach Day Gone Wrong” 



Cabins or age groups at both camps each have a County Fair booth where campers and staff can come play a game or participate in an activity. Some all-time favorite booths are:

Marriage Booth (Whip Workgroup)



Soda Slide (Lincoln Workgroup)



Gum in Flour (Whip Juniors)



Lincoln Cubby Jail 



Whip Birdie Facepainting


As you can see from the photos, camp had a blast at this year’s County Fair!


Some events are traditional and happen every summer, like:

The Pinewood Derby


Gold Rush


The Horse Show


Square dance called by Bruce Hennessey


Whip Float-chella 


Final Banquet is another camper and staff favorite big event. This one occurs on the last Sunday night of the camp season. Each camp selects a theme for a huge themed dinner and night of activities, for which the campers and staff then spend the final weeks of camp preparing and decorating. Whip’s theme this year was “Prom: A Night in Paris”, while Lincoln’s was “Top Gun”. 


Both Lincoln and Whip had fantastic Final Banquets, ending the 2023 season with a serious bang!

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