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Sailing on the Orion

Sailing is one of the most popular activities at NCC in both the morning and afternoon. Our sailors especially love to take trips on the Orion II, our 25 foot sailboat on Lake Champlain. We try to send out an Orion trip at least once a week to give our sailors the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in activities on a bigger boat and in a bigger lake with (often times) better/heavier wind conditions.




For the first week, sailing counselors Hannah and Sophia took five experienced Whippoorwill sailors on a service trip to get the boat ready for trips this summer. The seven of them spent the afternoon scrubbing the boat’s fiberglass hull, cleaning and polishing the teakwood, and clearing debris from the auto bailer/drain. While service trips are not always glamorous, they are an important part of fulfilling our organization’s ethos. We try hard to instill a sense of stewardship in our campers and emphasize how important it is to take care of the equipment we use. When all five campers were eager and excited to get on this service trip, and maintained great attitudes the whole time, we knew we were doing something right!







Two trips went out during week 3. First, Hannah and Alex O. took a mixed Orion day trip with five Whippoorwill and Lincoln campers for the boat’s inaugural 2023 voyage.








Second, Alex R. and Henry took five Lincoln campers on another afternoon yachting adventure.





Wind conditions were switchy on both trips, but this gave the sailors a good opportunity to learn how to maneuver a heavy boat in a light, tricky wind. They enjoyed lunch, took turns at the helm, and got to sit together with their feet dangling off the bow. Everyone had a blast!



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