Most people who have attended North Country Camps can remember when Pete, Jan, Nancy, Bruce, Bob, Frau, Kate or Doug came to their house to talk with them about camp. They almost certainly brought a slide show with them, and answered questions as they described life at Lincoln, or Whippoorwill.

We continue to believe that these in-person meetings are the ideal way to learn about camp. We still visit lots of families individually, but have also started organizing open house events, with the help of NCC alums, who are willing to open up their homes and spread the word to their social webs. These events have been quite successful and we've done them all over the northeast.  However, this past weekend marked a first for North Country Camps; an open house event on the west coast!

There is a strong concentration of NCC alums in the bay area of California, many of whom have children and are starting to think through the logistics of sending them east for the summer.  So, Doug hopped on a plane to meet up with a group of them, at the home of Kenny Widmann, who went to camp in the 80's and was on the staff for many years in the 90's.  It was a fun and informative gathering with many children in attendance, including one current Whippoorwill camper!

We love events like this, so if you think you have a good space to host an open house and some potential families who would be interested in attending, let us know. Whether it's this year, or next, we'd love to hear from you! Enrollment for the 2016 season is chugging along, but we still have room for new campers in most age groups. And, we know that the vast majority of new families we meet, come to us because an alum, or family member of a current camper points them in our direction. It's how camp works and we thank you! We hope you're all staying warm. Spring is on its way and that means it won't be long until the shores of Augur lake ring out with the laughter, shouts and songs of adventurous children, once again!