Some of you already know that although camp continues to feel very much like it always has, we are making advances in the communication world, with the help of new technology. We love that our campers get a break from their devices and the fast pace of social media, texting and cell phones during the summer. However, we are embarking on what we think will be the very best of both worlds with our alumni system. We've moved into a really useful online system for registering campers and are now working towards a new way of being connected to all of you wonderful people who are past campers and staff members.

Take a look at our Alumni connection system by following this link. by visiting the alumni section on our website, where you can also set up your account. Once we receive notification of you joining, we'll get you going with the next step.

Our hope is that you'll keep us updated with your whereabouts and contact information, but you'll also be able to track down and e-mail old buddies! This is truly exciting to us as we think about all the friendships that can be rekindled!