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A day in the life at NCC!

As we get back into the swing of things after a wonderful family visiting day, we thought we’d provide an overview of the typical camp day. 


Our weekdays start bright and early with a 7:30am wake up bell and 8am (Whip) or 7:50am (Lincoln) breakfast. Next comes cabin cleanup, where campers complete their daily chores—sweeping, making beds, taking out trash, bringing in swimsuits and towels from the clothesline, etc.—and then morning activities. For weeks 1-4, campers pre-select their morning activities and stay in those same activities for the entire week. They have a range of options, including craft house/art shop, archery, sail, canoe, windsurf, swim, tennis, biking, trip craft, fishing, drama, horseback riding, ropes, kayak, paddle boarding, wood shop, and more. Morning activities are intended to be instructional, allowing campers to progress in skill throughout the week.



Weather permitting, both camps offer time to swim after morning activities. At Whip, campers may also choose to do a field game like ultimate or capture the flag, or an active indoor activity such as yoga or a ”jungle boogie.”

Lunch comes next, followed by rest hour (a perfect time for writing letters home!) and afternoon activities, which campers select daily after finishing lunch.



Campers have another opportunity to swim around 5pm every day, unless it’s a shower day for birdies/cubbies or juniors. Afternoon swim is always a nice time to cool off and play in the water with friends, especially after a hot day.



After swim, campers have free time until dinner to shower, visit their friends in other cabins, write letters, play games or just hang out. Baby goats recently entered the Camp Whip family, so they are a popular attraction for campers to visit during free time!



Dinner is at 6:30 (Monday-Thursday) or 6 (Friday-Sunday), and following the meal is evening activity. At Lincoln, campers can hang out in their sections, participate in a field game or head to the waterfront. At Whip, evening activity could be cabin night, section night, open craft house, open waterfront, etc. Finally, campers head to bed to get rest for another fun-filled day!

Stay tuned for the next blog post about special events at Lincoln and Whip!



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