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Extended Trip Season!

Week 4 kicked off the beginning of our more ambitious trips. The cubs and birdies each spent overnights at Heart Lake, led by Erin and Cian from Lincoln and Alex and Skye from Whippoorwill. They swam the first day and climbed Mount Jo, a small mountain with wonderful views of the High Peaks. The next day, they set off to climb Phelps, one of the 46 High Peaks. Both groups were successful! It was a remarkable accomplishment and a rare one for our youngest campers.



The fourth week of camp also marks the beginning of our “extended” trip season. Extended trips here at camp are those that are out for two or more consecutive nights. Our campers have been working up to these trips during the first few weeks of the summer by going on day trips and overnights. Groups of campers ventured into the mountains and out onto the beautiful lakes and rivers of the Adirondacks.


Aliyah and Saskia took a group of Whip campers on a Long Pond canoe trip that put in at Hole Pond and paddled through Turtle Pond and Slang Pond to Long Pond. 



Earlier in the week, Brian and Ben spent three days in the Dix range climbing Dix, Hough, Carson, Grace and Macomb, which are all High Peaks. These peaks all have fantastic views and, for many campers, the highlight is ascending their first slide, this one on Macomb.


A group of Whip campers followed close on the heels of the Lincoln group in the Dix range, led by Tess and Nalani. They were fortunate enough to have two days of perfect weather, a rare treat this summer!



Even though it’s extended trip season, campers still have the opportunity to get out on day trips. A group of our oldest campers, led by Meg and Julian, climbed the highest mountain in New York, Mount Marcy, along with its companion peaks, Skylight and Gray. They left before breakfast and got home after dinner.



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