Each summer both camps gather on the Whip field, usually at the end of the fourth week, for a long-standing NCC tradition - the “mid-season event.”  It has taken various forms over the years but by far the most popular is an old-style County Fair.  Each cabin group creates a booth and then cabin members take turns running it.  While some booths make consistent appearances from year-to-year (Birdie face painting, the Whip Work Group’s “Marriage Booth”, and the Lincoln Work Group’s “Soda Slide”), other new booths are created each summer.  A group of staff emcees help lead the event, often doing skits at both camps in the days before the Fair to build excitement.   

Cabin groups typically spend time in the preceding week developing an idea for their booth and then making a sign and building whatever props they need.  On Saturday morning we set up the Fair on the field and then it runs on Saturday afternoon.  The 2022 County Fair happened this past Saturday, on a hot day under bright blue skies. 

Here are a few County Fair photos from the 60s through the 90s:









And here are a collection of photos from the 2022 County Fair: