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Winter ski in to Avalanche Lake

Posted: March 8, 2011

Doug and Emily spent a day skiing in to Avalanche Lake from Heart Lake a few weeks ago.   This sort of trip isn’t for those who are wanting a simple day out on cross-country skis, in fact this is a trail that so many of you have traveled by foot – some of you many times – and it’s quite a haul up through “misery mile”.

Just last summer Barry led a group of campers up Colden’s trap dyke from Avalanche Lake.   Looking at the photos of snow and ice-covered cliffs, it is hard to imagine green leaves, Adirondack mud, exposed rocks and boulders, open water and waves on the lake, and the smells of summer.

For those of you who have carried your packs on this trail – imagine the fun of skiing back down to Marcy Dam!

Enjoy the slide show:


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