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The end of Autumn in the north country

Posted: October 28, 2013

Greetings from the far north!  Fall moves quickly up here and while it’s not yet Halloween, the leaves are all gone and the high peaks are capped in snow.  What a Fall it was though!  We had beautiful, warm weather for longer than anyone can reasonably expect at this latitude and, of course, it’s always lovely watching the reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and other colors that defy identification, creep down the mountain sides and cover the ground.  The green at camp held out longer than in most areas, and then turned and dropped abruptly, almost overnight.  We thought some of you might like to see what Lincoln and Whip look like during this time of transition.


One of the rituals of Fall for my family is the annual CLAC gathering over the Columbus day weekend.  This tradition of several camp friends and their families gathering for a weekend of outdoor fun, goes back to the late 60′s and has always been one of my favorite “holidays!”  This year, a hike up Goodnow mountain and a delicious dinner at Frau’s were shared by a good group of camp and non-camp folks.  See how many you can pick out in the photos!  And, we know that there are other similar gatherings of camp alumni around the country, at various times of the year.  Why not send us some pictures of yours this year and maybe a “trip report?!”

In other news, we’re pleased to announce that this month has given us a new member of the camp community.  Kate gave birth to her new daughter, Matilda, on October 22nd.  She, her husband Doug and Matilda are all doing very well!



As Fall moves its way south, we hope you’ll all get to enjoy the color and the crisp air.  Best wishes with school and work.  As the leaves disappear and the cold winds move in, just remember that each day brings us closer to the 2014 camp season and summer!

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