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Posted: March 23, 2015

Dear NCC Community,

It gives us great pleasure to say that here in the northcountry, we’re experiencing a little taste of Spring.  Sunny days in the 40’s have been a treat and nights in the 20’s are ensuring a strong run of maple sap, so get those pancakes ready!

Before you know it, the leaves will be out, the warm breezes will blow and it will be time for great friends (and new friends), to convene on the shores of Augur lake for a fantastic, fun filled summer.  We cannot wait and are busily cooking up ideas to make 2015 an extraordinary season!

We are hugely grateful to all of you who have gone out of your way to pass on the word about North Country Camps to your friends and relatives.  Enrollment of new campers was steady through the early Winter, but has slowed recently and we still have room for new boys and girls in most age groups, especially in the 8-12 year old range.  We’d love to enroll another 6 or 7 children at each camp, but will need your help to do it.

One of the very unique things about summer camps like ours, is that prospective families generally aren’t looking for a camp via advertisements, internet searches or other traditional marketing.  They depend on the word-of-mouth of their friends and relatives.  No piece of information they find is as meaningful as a good reference from someone they know.  North Country Camps has been successful for over 90 years because the families who went there have been eager to share Lincoln and Whippoorwill with others and we remain quite dependant on you to continue this tradition.

In recent years, we’ve heard from a few current families who are reluctant to tell others about NCC, either because they want camp to be a completely different social environment from home, or because they don’t see their friends and neighbors as being interested in a more traditional, rustic camp, like ours.  If you’ve had similar thoughts, we would urge you to reconsider.  Years of being at camp have taught us that this experience is valuable and fun for kids from all walks of life.   And, for those concerned about their son’s best school friend coming to camp, we encourage them to consider passing the word on to the family of a girl, or vice-versa.  Or, to consider the family of a child who is younger, or older.    This grass-roots “marketing” is why NCC has remained vibrant and strong since 1920 and we’re so grateful to you for your help.  Thank you!

Summer will be here soon.  We hope that you’re all getting as excited as we are!

Best wishes,

Doug, Kate and Nancy

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