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North Country Camps Alumni and Families

Posted: October 19, 2012

Dear NCC Alumni and Families,

Hello from the beautiful northcountry!  It’s a bit chilly today, and the definite flavor of Fall has been in the air these past few weeks.  The sky is a deep clear blue, the leaves continue to turn, and there is a dusting of snow on the high peaks.  We can only hope that you’re all sharing in such a glorious Autumn!  It’s hard to believe our luck after such a beautiful summer of hot and dry weather and campers and staff all eager to play hard, learn new things and explore the Adirondacks together.  It really was a spectacular summer and many tears were shed at its end.

And as alumni who know the experience of camp, we would like to remind you all that the campers at Lincoln and Whippoorwill come to us almost exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals from people like you!  This would be a great time to pass on the word about North Country Camps to someone you know who may be interested in a fantastic summer in the Adirondacks.  Kate and Doug will be starting to organize home visits over the coming weeks and they would be thrilled to meet with any prospective families you may know.  Please feel free to pass along our contact info, or to contact us yourselves with referrals.  In recent years, we’ve even had some alumni offer to host a group informational gathering at their homes, inviting people who might possibly be interested to come meet us and watch the camp slide show.  This has been fun and productive!  Another way in which we would greatly appreciate some help is in the realm of school contacts.  We would love to find a way to make ourselves known in likely school communities and would appreciate any help you might be able to give in terms of advice, contact info, etc. for schools in your area.  We would be more than happy to mail brochures for you to place in a school, doctors office, etc.  Just let us know and thank you!

We are incredibly lucky that our alumni are so willing to share us with their friends, relatives and neighbors.  And, of course, we would be thrilled to welcome your kids to NCC as well!

We’re also so thankful for your generous contributions to the Chief’s Fund, which has been able to give financial aid to a significant number of families; some of whom need quite a bit of assistance to attend, and some of whom need just a little.  It’s a fantastic organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors, making camp a more realistic option for many children each summer, be they from alumni families or not.

Speaking of alumni, our 2012 Old Timers Weekend was a huge success.  Many former Lincoln and Whip campers and counselors joined us for a few days of great fun and food in August.  We shared stories, reconnected with old friends and enjoyed the local mountains and the lake.  Make a note on your calendar for August 22-24, 2014!

You can easily find more information and links to Alumni through our website which hosts it’s own ‘Alumni’ page.

Here you’ll find ways to keep us updated with your news along with instructions on how to register for Oldtimers weekend in 2014.

Best wishes to all and thank you!

Kate, Doug and Nancy


Doug Furman, Director of Camp Lincoln:

Kate Green, Director of Camp Whippoorwill:

Nancy Gucker Birdsall, Executive Director of NCC:










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