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NCC’s Winter Residents

Posted: January 6, 2016

Every Winter, I try to take at least one walk through Lincoln and Whippoorwill.  It’s fun to see camp covered in snow, to walk out on the lake and contemplate the stark difference between the quiet, cold of now and the boisterous, warm days of summer.

While things may be quiet now, camp is far from deserted.  A fresh dusting of snow reveals the comings and goings of our many off-season residents.  On this day, the new snow lay on top of a hard, slippery crust; a   challenge to walk on, for me and for the Whitetail deer, as evidenced by this photo.  The deer almost look like they’re skiing!  Deer leave heart shaped tracks in the snow, made up of two halves.









Deer wander freely about camp at this time of year.  A fact that was wonderfully illustrated by these tracks, which are emerging from underneath the cabin of Gothics.  There were no tracks leading in, so this deer must have hunkered down under the cabin, to ride out the snow storm!

Smaller animals have been leaving their tracks as well.  Mice leave tiny marks in the snow, with a line down the middle.  That’s the tail!  Red squirrells bound from tree trunk, to tree trunk and leave piles of pinecone bits all around, from their snacking.










Typically, mice run from place to place in a straight line, but something very interesting is going on in the Lincoln senior section.  Either these mice are abstract artists, or they’ve been continuing our evening field games!

The lake was frozen, but just barely.  This is the latest freeze up that I can recall.  Only 1.5 inches and I was able to kick through easily, but it held Simmie the dog, when he ventured out a few feet.  He seemed to sense the danger and came back onto the dock quickly.  The view from the Whip waterfront was spectacular, as always and birdie beach was covered in interesting and complex patterns of ice crystals.









We hope Winter is off to a beautiful start wherever you are.   Enjoy the snow, but remember that it won’t be long until the lake thaws, school ends and the deer and squirrels welcome back their excited summer visitors, to Lincoln and Whippoorwill.  If you know any boys or girls who would like to join them, this would be a great time to put them in touch with Kate, or Doug.  We have open house events coming up this month, in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Connecticutt.  We’ll be in the bay area of California in February and, of course, we’re happy to visit folks individually as well.  Thank you and stay warm!



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