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NCC in the city!

Posted: November 4, 2014

For many, Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures, marvel at the amazing beauty that can be found in our surroundings and take advantage of all those activities that are satisfying before Winter is upon us. For us, this time of year signifies the start of the next summer (sort of). Our memories are filled with the fun we’ve had during the 2014 season and we’re eager to get going with what life is really all about – CAMP!


With that in mind, we’ve recently been on the road for the first trip to visit prospective families for next season. Being in NYC, not only allows us to make every effort to make a guest appearance on ‘Humans of New York’ (still working on that one folks!), sample the local cuisine ( we’ll take suggestions on your favorite haunts), and practice our street paddling techniques (as evidenced by our pictures), but also gives Doug the opportunity to school the Brooklynites in the nuances of the Lumberjack Hipster look that seems to be all the rage right now.











As many of you know, we are a community that relies completely upon our alumni and current families to spread the word. We are now ready to fill the calendar with Open houses. Join us in this outreach – Here’s all it takes:   book a date with us, invite your friends, family, and neighbors, and we’ll do the rest!   It would be great to have at least one open house in every part of the northeast!.  Contact us by phone or email and we’ll get started. We really appreciate the support we get from all of you in helping to keep NCC a strong and vibrant community!



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