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Ice on the lake in April

Posted: April 4, 2011

We were at camp last Thursday – and I was able to walk out on to the lake (safely) to take photos.      I had guessed March 28 for the date that the ice would go out of the lake – I can see now that a sunny day or two had me feeling very optimistic about the arrival of spring!

It is now April 4th, and the ice is still in place.    Does anyone want to wager a guess    All guesses are welcome (though the person who guessed May 25 …you know who you are…we hope you are wrong!!!).   Please use the ice-out link!     The person who guesses correctly will get a 2011 camp t-shirt.

And what were we doing at camp (you may ask), besides wandering around camp and on to the lake      Yes – putting together the parent handbook!    83 days until another great season!!

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