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Posted: December 14, 2012

We had such a good time raising chicks at camp this summer and we thought you all might like to see your fuzzy little friends as the big feathered friends they’ve become!  Some of the chickens went home with Nancy and David, while a good number of them went home with Doug, Emily, Colba and Keir.  They’re still friendly, sometimes cuddly and seem to be taking winter in stride, though they don’t seem too sure about the feel of snow on their feet.  You can be sure that like you, they are looking forward to getting back to camp in June!

Below, you’ll see pictures of Colba and Keir playing with their chicken buddies, Lois the “surprise” rooster, Colba with Little Brandy, Keir with Trout and about a week’s worth of eggs!















Happy holidays from everyone at NCC.  We hope to see you at the reunion, January 5th!



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