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January Camp Reunion in NYC!

Posted: January 11, 2019

Happy new year to you all!  We hope it’s off to a great start!  We certainly kicked things off the right way at our annual NYC camper reunion.  Those who were able to make it last weekend had a blast visiting with camp friends, skating and enjoying the slide show of images from the 2018 summer.  It was a perfect way to spend a Winter day and we wish you could have all been there.  You’ll find a link to the slide show below (the password is “skating”):

January, and the new year, officially starts the countdown to the 2019 camp season.  If you haven’t yet registered, now is the time to do so.  Kate and Doug have been busy enrolling new campers and will continue to do so, in earnest, this Winter.  In fact, they’ll be hosting an open house for prospective families in Manhattan, this Saturday, January 12th, at 2:00pm.  And, another in Brooklyn on Saturday, January 26th at 2:30pm.  If you know of any families who should come and learn more about NCC, please put them in touch with us.  Thank you!

We wish you all a wonderful Winter!











2018 Augur Lake ice out contest

Posted: February 15, 2018

When thinking of Augur Lake, it’s always nice to imagine splashing around in the swim area, steadily paddling a canoe to Blueberry island, practicing wet exits in a kayak, taking a paddle board to Whip island, rowing out to your favorite fishing spot, making perfect tacks on your windsurfer or sailing into the Augur. The reality now is that the lake is much better suited to ice skating, ice fishing or ice sailing. With a layer of approximately 18 inches of ice on the surface, it is anyone’s guess as to when we’ll be able to enjoy activities on Augur Lake that don’t begin with the word ‘ice’!

If you would like to be the ‘anyone’ or the ‘someone’ to guess the date when Augur lake will be completely ice free once more, follow this link to submit your predictions –















NCC Reunion in NYC!

Posted: January 11, 2018


This past weekend, a large, boisterous group of NCC campers, past and present, along with parents and siblings, gathered in Manhattan for our annual camp reunion.  We re-connected with friends, skated on the ice rink and enjoyed a slide show of photos from last summer.  Attendance was good despite the frigid temps and the recent storm, proving that NCC folks are hearty and adventurous (but we already knew that).









We enjoyed seeing so many of you and sharing in your excitement for the 2018 season.  We hope that those of you who weren’t there are having a great Winter.  Do you hold your own mini camp reunion in your neck of the woods?  We recently received a photo from a group of staff members who got together while in Portugal, so anything is possible!  If you do meet up with camp friends this year, we’d love it if you sent us pictures.  We’ll be sending a link to the reunion slide show to current camp families by email.









Best wishes in this new year, and don’t forget that this is the perfect time to introduce other families you may know to North Country Camps.  Many people look for camps at this point in the year and Kate and Doug are excited to meet with them and answer questions.  We have open house events planned for Washington D.C. on January 28th and in CT on February 11th and are always happy to meet with families individually as well.  It’s also the perfect time to register your own children!

Stay warm!

Join our Alumni connection system!

Posted: December 7, 2017

Some of you already know that although camp continues to feel very much like it always has, we are making advances in the communication world, with the help of new technology. We love that our campers get a break from their devices and the fast pace of social media, texting and cell phones during the summer. However, we are embarking on what we think will be the very best of both worlds with our alumni system. We’ve moved into a really useful online system for registering campers and are now working towards a new way of being connected to all of you wonderful people who are past campers and staff members.

Take a look at our Alumni connection system by following this link. by visiting the alumni section on our website, where you can also set up your account. Once we receive notification of you joining, we’ll get you going with the next step.

Our hope is that you’ll  keep us updated with your whereabouts and contact information, but you’ll also be able to track down and e-mail old buddies! This is truly exciting to us as we think about all the friendships that can be rekindled!
































NCC Alums Making a Difference!

Posted: November 21, 2017

We never get tired of hearing about the ways in which North Country Camps has inspired campers and counselors to accomplish great things.  Here’s an excellent example:  The Gowanus Canal is a waterfront in Brooklyn, NY that has benefited from the care of an NCC alum, who moved to an apartment nearby in the early 1990′s.  Once heavily polluted by years of industrial use and neglect, the tides have turned, and cleanup is now underway.

Owen Foote (Lincoln ’77-’83) came across the Gowanus waterfront when he moved to Brooklyn in 1991 and Inspired by 7 seasons of summer camp, decided to fight for change.  Skeptics said it was a hopeless cause and why bother as no one used or cared about the Canal anyway.  A pumping station had been broken for decades, stolen cars were being dumped in the waterfront and properties had been abandoned.

Owen had been taught at Lincoln that you can achieve anything if you persevere and since the Canal was dangerous to touch, he began to lead walking and cycling tours to show how nature was returning to the waterfront, believing that through recreation, he could help inspire restoration.  Almost a decade later, after the flushing pump was finally repaired, Owen launched a canoe and conducted the first boat-tour of the waterfront.  After twenty years of being stuck on land, his J-stroke returned as if he had been on Lake Auger the week before!

Now, eighteen seasons later, the EPA has begun sediment removal via the Superfund program, properties have been restored and Canal wildlife is thriving.  To celebrate (and raise funds) Owen participated in a SuperFUN race on the waterway in October with his mom Chloe (Whip ’48-’49, ’52-’53, ’55-’56, staff ’57,’59) and despite not finishing first, they raised over $6,000 at the event that attracted over 500 people to the shoreline.  With continued perseverance by these NCC alums, we are confident this waterfront will continue to be cared for in years to come.  If you’d be interested in helping out, check out the “Gowanus Dredgers” website:

Do you have a similar story?  If so, we’d love to hear it!  Just send us a note at:


Register now for the 2018 season at:




Jumping for June

Posted: April 12, 2017


It’s a large step out of the comfort zone when one acquires their first job, creating a new sense of independence and responsibility.  I would not trade the way I’ve spent my past two summers.  Working as a prep cook at a children’s camp in Upstate New York has been an unforgettable experience.  Keep in mind, I began without any prior kitchen knowledge.  I’m mainly asked to do tasks such as prepare special salads, creatively decorate the counter, wash dishes, take out the trash, etc.  I learn something new each day I spend there.

This camp is a piece of paradise where the dogs and chickens roam free, the essence of cabin sections’ campfires (or burnt popcorn) engulfs your senses, and a camera does no justice in capturing the gorgeous sunsets along Augur Lake.  The sun never seems to shine as brightly as it does, there.

Witnessing the children in awe once they arrive to camp puts into perspective how us, residents of the Adirondacks, sometimes take the lovely scenery we are surrounded by for granted.  It’s made me appreciate the area much more.  My time at camp has helped me grown as a person, breaking away from the shell of shyness.  Socializing with campers and counselors from all different walks of this Earth provides a cultural experience, making me forget I’m still in my hometown.

My favorite aspect of this job, besides the opportunity to engorge on the delicious meals we serve, is how close-knit of a community we are.  We are not just co-workers but a family, too.  I quickly became the best of friends with two of my track team mates, Hailey and Olivia, when they joined me at camp during the second summer.  We wittily refer to ourselves as H20.  I don’t think there ever was a moment where we weren’t laughing.  We’ve had our fair share of hilarious incidents in the kitchen, such as the time Hailey and I attempted to make no-bake cookies.  I made the mistake of using mint extract instead of vanilla extract.  I’m almost certain we added far too much peanut butter.  If a peppermint patty and a peanut butter cup had a baby, that’s what this creation was.  We served them anyways, receiving lots of confused and disgusted expressions.  How we were still given the opportunity to help with desserts after that, I’ll never know.

Often, the girls and I would take trips down to the craft house after our dinner shift was done and spend hours drawing or painting.  After the lunch shift, we enjoyed going for runs, watching movies, or joining in afternoon activities like canoe tipping and archery.










At the end of every season, we host a banquet dinner.  During the first summer we had a New York City theme.  Each of us kitchen crew members dressed as the Statue of Liberty and the dining hall was elaborately decorated as the city skyline.  Vendor-like foods were served.  I can’t tell you how many soft pretzels I ate in that night.  This past summer, our theme was “Out of this World”.  Literally.  From galaxy print leggings to the wild, glittery makeup, it was a hell of a time.  It makes you think, “What other job lets you have THIS much fun?”  It’s safe to say there’s no place I’d rather be than on Frontage Road.  Can June get here any faster?

Written by Haley P.



Winter on Augur Lake

Posted: March 1, 2017

It’s been a funny winter in the north country.  We jump from one extreme to the other, alternating between bizarrely warm days and icy blasts of cold and snow.  Last weekend, the Furman clan headed out onto the lake to enjoy some of the latter.








We walked through Whippoorwill, dragging our ice fishing gear in a sled behind us.  Camp was quiet and beautiful, beneath a blanket of snow.  The day was clear and blue!








We walked out from Birdie Beach and drilled some holes for fishing.  The fish were not particularly aggressive, but we did manage to lay gloves on one, or two.  Our new dog, Josie was particularly interested.

We hope you enjoy these glimpses of camp, during the off-season.  The shores of Augur lake are a special place in every season, but we’re getting very excited for another summer at Lincoln and Whippoorwill.  Do you know any families who should be thinking about sending their kids to camp this year?  If so, put them in touch with us.  We still have some room in most age groups.  Thank you and we hope the rest of this winter is fun and productive for all of you.  Spring is coming!

NCC Reunion in NYC!

Posted: January 11, 2017

It was a wild and wintry weekend in New York City, the site of our 2017 camp reunion!  Despite the snow storm and howling winds, a large group of campers, parents and counselors made their way across the frozen tundra, to Chelsea Piers, intent on enjoying the company of camp friends.

The mood was festive.  Many boys and girls skated  out on the rink, while others spent their time catching up with cabinmates and dreaming of the summer to come!  The whole crowd enjoyed a slide show of images from this past summer.  If geography, or weather kept you from making it to reunion, check it out here:  The password is the (one word) title of the play performed at camp this past summer.  We know that many of you hold mini-reunions on your own, during the school year.  Getting together with camp friends is a wonderful way to stay connected and we hope you’ll send us a picture of your group!



We hope that the new year is off to a great start for all of you.  Enjoy the winter, stay warm and start getting ready for the 2017 camp season.  It’s going to be great!

There is still room in many sections of camp, for the upcoming summer.  If you know someone who would enjoy the NCC experience, please put them in touch with us.  Kate and Doug would love to speak with them.  There are several open house events on the horizon; perfect opportunities for prospective families to learn more.  We’ll be in Boston on January 15th and in NYC on January 29th.  Ask Kate, or Doug for more details!

Farewell to Fall Colors

Posted: November 10, 2016

Ask almost anyone what the prettiest time to be in the Adirondacks is, and they’ll probably say the Fall.  The brilliant reds, yellows, oranges and pinks of October are brief, but spectacular.  We spend weeks watching them develop, speculating about when they’ll reach their peak and then, it happens.  It’s glorious, awe inspiring and almost as soon as it begins, it’s over.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be quite as special if it lasted longer.  Now, with the trees mostly bare, we settle in for the cold and snow that isn’t far off (and we dream of the summer to come)!








The photos in this post, were taken by Doug, during a walk around camp two weeks ago.  We hope you enjoy seeing the familiar landscape of camp, during this spectacular, but fleeting bit of time.  And we hope that wherever you are, you have enjoyed, or are enjoying the Fall colors too!








Kate and Doug are certainly thinking about next summer. Recruitment for the 2017 season is well under way and over the past weekend, they held successful open house events in Brooklyn and Westchester county.  Similar events are being planned for Manhattan, Boston and other locales, so please give some thought to who you know who should be thinking about a summer at Lincoln, or Whippoorwill this year and put them in touch with us.  This is how the NCC family continues to grow and we thank you for sharing us with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family!

Best wishes from us!

Where are they now? Staff on their extended trip.

Posted: October 11, 2016

As you go about your every day lives, we’re certain your mind wanders to memories of your time at camp. Even more likely, you think about the counselors you had as a camper and remember how incredibly talented and fun they were. Perhaps you were a counselor and made some really great connections with the other staff as well as with the campers.

Undeniably, our entire team of directors, nurses, kitchen crew, counselors and trip leaders are a huge part of everyone’s experience at Camp Whippoorwill and Camp Lincoln. The summer of 2016 was no exception in this department. So, you wonder, what do these fantastic human beings DO when they’re not being cabin counselors, OD, teaching activities, leading trips, life guarding TAF, JS and five o’clock swim?

We asked the same thing and this is what we learned!!!

Doug goes hiking ....

...... up a slide!









Nancy (photo credit), David, Logan and Mohammed taking in the beauty of Fall with their canine crew.

Valeria (Lincoln Kitchen crew) playing flag football in her home town in Mexico













Kate enjoying a Hunter Pace event in VT on her horse

Lainie hiking just outside Madrid where she's teaching this year.













Brandy and Dave cheering on their team - The Texas Longhorns!



Sarah with her Home Stay family in Tanzania.












A crew of past and present staff enjoy a brisk Fall hike up Saddleback and celebrate Paul's 46er!

We’d love to know what you all get up to when you’re not at camp, or dreaming about being at camp. Send pictures and updates to or It’s great to hear ‘where you are now’!


We rely on you all to share your love of North Country Camps by spreading the word to families with camp age children. Thank you for keeping our community strong! Register your child at this link  for the 2017 season if you haven’t already!

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