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2018 Augur Lake ice out contest

Posted: February 15, 2018

When thinking of Augur Lake, it’s always nice to imagine splashing around in the swim area, steadily paddling a canoe to Blueberry island, practicing wet exits in a kayak, taking a paddle board to Whip island, rowing out to your favorite fishing spot, making perfect tacks on your windsurfer or sailing into the Augur. The reality now is that the lake is much better suited to ice skating, ice fishing or ice sailing. With a layer of approximately 18 inches of ice on the surface, it is anyone’s guess as to when we’ll be able to enjoy activities on Augur Lake that don’t begin with the word ‘ice’!

If you would like to be the ‘anyone’ or the ‘someone’ to guess the date when Augur lake will be completely ice free once more, follow this link to submit your predictions –















5 ways to recreate summer camp at home.

Posted: September 19, 2016

Although it’s sad to say goodbye to friends at the end of a great summer, we all know there’s something lovely about being with your family, reconnecting with friends from home and flopping on the couch to do, well, nothing, for a while. School is in full swing and you’ve all been back together for a month or so now. It’s right about now that we start yearning for those long warm days spent outside with friends, choosing activities or trips, splashing in the lake and being full of pep and enthusiasm. Here are some ideas for recapturing your camp spirit, while at home. It’s a good way to while away the months, until you get to go back to your summer happy place for real.



1.            Go for a hike! Or an adventure of some sort… Perhaps you don’t have access to the woods, mountains or wilderness trails. Perhaps you don’t have enough time to hop in the car to go and find some. Why not explore your local park? Take a map and compass and go bushwhacking ‘off trail’. Or maybe it would be fun to create your own map of a local green space. Get outside for a wilderness adventure no matter where you are. Not only will it be a fun bonding experience, but you might even find some cool little spot. In the meantime, you’ll fine tune your navigation skills as a family – just don’t forget the GORP!



2.             Have a cabin night with your family! Why not plan some kind of evening activity where you are all involved in coming together for a project. Needle felt little family members, work on a pinewood derby car, make jewelry or friendship bracelets together, or fairy houses in your back yard. Maybe even make funny fake mustaches or go urban tracking.










3.             Hold a concert with friends! Gather your friends and family together to showcase songs, dances, talents and skits. It’s hard to go wrong with an evening variety entertainment. Don’t forget to end the show with some wheezlings!



4.            Make your favorite camp meal! Everyone eats well at North Country Camps, but there must be one special dish that really gets you feeling nostalgic for time spent in the lodge with your buddies. Gather the ingredients and get cooking!



5.            Create your own slide show! You can gather your friends around the computer to reminisce over the fun you’ve had as you peruse our end of season slideshow, but why stop there? Get your cabin mates together online or in person, to create your own slideshow of the summer. You may be surprised at the stories all your photos tell when collected in one place. AND if you find any exceptionally good photos, send them to Doug and Kate. Maybe, they’ll make it into reunion slideshow or other camp updates!



There are plenty of other ways to recreate that summer camp vibe and it would be fun to hear about how you and your friends keep North Country Camps alive in your hearts during the long ‘extended trip’!  Send your ideas to or

We rely on you all to share your love of North Country Camps by spreading the word to families with camp age children. Thank you for keeping our community strong! Register your child at this link  for the 2017 season if you haven’t already!

Written by Kate Green

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