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A taste of what’s to come – summer 2013

Posted: April 27, 2013


Here’s hoping you’re all enjoying some lovely spring days, full of blooming flowers and blossoms, singing birds and sunny blue skies. Each night that stays above freezing, brings the temperature of the lake closer to optimal summer swimming conditions. The growth that we see happening around us, makes us start dreaming about what we will plant in our own gardens at camp.

How can we not start thinking about all the fun and adventures we’ll be having this summer with friends, old and new? It’s only natural that we start brainstorming the next new wacky afternoon activity, or all camp event, so we thought we’d share a few of the things we have up our sleeve, just to whet your appetite.

There’s been much discussion amongst the staff, about the absolute delight that can be gained from learning to canoe well and these discussions have led to the generation of a whole list of games and activities. We’ll be aiming to have Canoe races, Canoe poker, Breakfast Canoe trips (with the most decadent of culinary delights), maybe there will even be campers interested in sleeping out on the Augur on a Canoe raft. Another goal for the summer will be to create an all camp flotilla or at the very least, aim to get every camper in a boat for a photo opportunity – maybe we could even form the camp symbol out of our varied crafts and take a picture from Pinnacle! In addition, we are soon expecting delivery of a new fleet of stand-up paddleboards. In years past, we’ve improvised with old Windsurfer boards and canoe paddles and it’s generated enough enthusiasm that we feel ready to make the activity a regular part of our waterfront program.  These boards should even be stable enough to paddle with a friend!

The Work Group will yet again be volunteering with our neighboring organic farm, “Fledging Crow Vegetables”, where they’ll learn about crop maintenance, harvesting and planting. In addition, they’ll be working hard on the 2013 Work project, which at this point, looks like it will be a lean-to along the east shore of the lake.

It has been a couple of years since we had an all camp project at Whippoorwill, so it seems like it’s high time for us to get our creative juices flowing! We have plans to make permanent benches near the lovely pizza oven and garden.  These will be decorated with ceramic tiles, created by campers.

If you’re like us, you are already feeling your spirit being pulled back towards the woods, rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks.  Talk of upcoming trips has begun in earnest and there are just so many options! There are still plenty of new trails and slides to explore as a result of the Hurricane Irene a couple of years ago, however there are local areas  that would be fun to navigate as well. Perhaps some campers will put their map and compass skills to work, to navigate their way around Augur Lake in a day? We are excited to have sites reserved this summer for a trip into the Saranac region, where campers can learn how a lock works in their canoes. And we are very pleased to announce that we’ve recently adopted a lean-to at Flowed Lands, which will be our responsibility to keep clean and maintained, so there will be great opportunity to pack into this remote area, enjoy the beauty and give back to the Forest Preserve, which has given so much to us!

This is simply a taste of the many wonderful activities and adventures that we’re looking forward to this summer and we can’t wait for the fun to begin. If you know of any friends who might be interested in sharing in some of these good times with us, put them in touch with us.  There is still room for a few seniors at Lincoln and for some juniors and seniors at Whippoorwill.  It’s not too late to spread the word about North Country Camps and the summer of 2013.  Kate and Doug are still making trips to meet with prospective campers and can be reached at or

Here’s looking forward to another great season at North Country Camps.  See you soon.  We can’t wait!!

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