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A Cure for the Cold

Posted: February 26, 2015

Anyone who loves the northcountry has to also love winter, right?  You can’t have the perfection of an Adirondack summer; its long, warm, breezy days and cool waters, without the shorter, bitter cold days of winter, which, in the Adirondacks, lasts pretty much from Thanksgiving to sometime in April.  We do love the winter.  It is refreshing, beautiful and allows us to ski, skate and sled.  But, if it has a flaw, perhaps that flaw is the length.  At this point, with 3 solid months of winter behind us and another one (at least), to go… even a staunch lover of the north is forgiven for thinking about the warm season to come (did I mention that it was ten-below-zero this morning…again)?

With that in mind, we thought some of you poor, snow-bound souls would enjoy a reminder of what summer feels like.  Think of it as a series of meditations, which you should feel free to dwell on for a little while.

Breathe deeply and savor!


Watching the cloud shadows on the forest below.

Paddling through a wilderness of pickerel weed flowers.

An evening jump off the tower.

Sailing away the afternoon.

We hope you enjoyed these and feel a little warmer.  Summer will be here before you know it!  We can’t wait to get back to camp.  There’s still some space left at Lincoln and Whippoorwill, so if you know someone who would benefit from a dose of NCC fun, send them our way.  Thanks!

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