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Fall Colors at NCC!

Posted: October 24, 2011

There may be no more beautiful time of year than when the leaves turn and the whole of the northcountry turns from green, to a dappling of yellow, orange, red and every shade in-between!  It’s no different at camp and while different trees turn at different times, it’s fun to walk around Lincoln and Whippoorwill and see the landscapes we know and love so much, with a different twist.

Whippoorwill is so dominated by pines and hemlocks that much of the camp looks very similar in the Fall, but a fine carpet of needles covers the ground and certain areas of camp really shine.  Here are some shots of the area around the barn and from Birdie beach, taken on a perfect fall day; crisp, cool and sunny!

Lincoln has more deciduous trees, and different parts of camp turn at different times.  These shots were taken on a cloudier day, but sometimes the low light makes the colors “pop” that much more!  A whitetail deer was feeding out at the archery range this day and I was able to sneak up to the field house and watch her for quite a while from around the corner.  I was feeling rather sneaky, but when she finally saw me and bounded off towards the forest, I was surprised to see her fawn bound off too.  It had been just on the other side of the field house, not 15 feet away, but I’d never seen it!

We hope that you’re all enjoying this beautiful season too!  We’ll continue to post some walk-around-camp photos over the course of the year.  Just think, only two more seasons until camp starts up again!

North Country Triathlon

Posted: October 6, 2011

North Country Camps has been a supporter of the local ARC – Mountain Lake Services – annual fundraising triathlon for the past twelve years, and for most of these years NCC has been represented with flashing paddles and winged feet by “Team Gucker”, and this year was no different!

This annual event has two divisions – recreational and ironman – and the entire race begins on Birdie Beach.     Team Gucker races on the longer ironman course!

The race begins, and canoes and kayaks paddle down the lake toward Cub’s Point.  

The Ironman teams paddled in to the augur, to Blueberry Island, and then back around toward Lincoln’s waterfront and north to Whippoorwill.   Recreational paddlers head south to the point, over to Lincoln and back to the beach.     This year Peter and Damien, Robin and Peter’s wonderful exchange student from France, paddled one of camp’s double sea kayaks  – sturdy kayaks that fare well in Lake Champlain’s heavy winds and high waves, but are not built for speed!

Peter and Damien complete their leg of the triathlon, Robin has taken off from here!

From the beach the runners take off up the hill and out to Route 9, in to Keeseville and across the walking bridge, up stairs and around a few blocks in town, then back out to the ARC site for a total of 5.6 miles   (recreational runners travel 2.5 +/- miles).    Robin and a runner from another team ran the distance to town and back together – enjoying the friendly and fast pace!

Robin and a competitor complete the 5.6 mile run together

As Robin arrived across the finish line, Forrest took off on a 20 mile loop back towards camp to the Robare Road (past Fledging Crow farm) and north on the Mace Chasm Road, dropping down the hill to Port Kent and north along the lake shore road back around to Route 9, then south through the back of Ausable Chasm and south on the Mace Chasm Road to the base of Pinnacle, and finally north on Route 9 in to town and across the finish line!

Forrest biking up from Port Kent toward Ausable Chasm

Heading south by Ausable Chasm

Watching the race and cheering on all the teams had us thinking what fun it would be to have a few other NCC teams involved.   There was some serious staff fitness training going on during the camp season, and a crew of counselors in the area this fall hiking and enjoying time in the Adirondacks … it may be easy to encourage a few to come back in 2012 for the 14th annual Mountain Services Triathlon!

Triathlon team Gucker

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