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Wilderness Trips

Wilderness Trips
Wilderness Trips

We offer an extensive wilderness tripping program. These trips, taken in small groups, emphasize camaraderie, the adventure of going to exciting new places under your own power, and living self-sufficiently but comfortably in the outdoors. We do not expect children to have any prior camping experience; even the youngest girls and boys have a chance to go. The trips - from an afternoon to as long as five days - include hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, canoeing, sailing, horseback riding, and bicycling.

Camp is social living, of course, with all the smiles and frowns of youthful personalities competing for attention. And it is the development of many creative, recreational and athletic skills. But it is also something more, a chance to experience the beauty and impact of the natural world.

Why, some ask, do we go off on such expeditions?

We venture forth because something in us yearns for fun and adventure, for a break in the routine, for the chance to live more freely. When you shuck off the frills and disguises, the digital timers and electronic noisemakers of modern life, you leave yourself open to something more natural. Not easier, but more real: to rise with the sun and crawl into your sleeping bag at dusk, to eat when you're hungry, to shelter yourself from the rain, to swim in mountain streams, to stare into a campfire and listen to woods sounds, to stretch out on a rock beneath a dark sky full of stars, to hear the call of a loon across still water. These are insignificant moments, perhaps, but cumulative - we hope - in the minds and imaginations of your growing children. - Pete

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