Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Swimming instruction is offered to beginners as well as advanced swimmers. Red Cross skills are taught, as well as water safety, springboard diving, and snorkeling. Recreational swims take place twice a day under the most careful supervision.

Canoeing, Rowing and Kayaking are available to all who have passed the basic swimming safety tests.

Sailing instruction is given to beginners and advanced sailors, using a fleet of twenty boats, including Sunfish, American 14.6's, Hunter 140's, Snipes, a Vanguard CJ, as well as a twenty-five foot sloop anchored on Lake Champlain. Those who attain the rank of Skipper race for the Chief's and Farrington Cups.

Windsurfing can be tried by competent swimmers who seek new challenge on the water.

Fishing for northern pike and bass in Augur Lake is a sport attempted by many and favored by the most patient.


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