Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Trip Craft & Nature

Trip Craft
Trip Craft

Nature Exploring and Organic Discovery enable campers to learn about the natural world of our surrounding woods, lake shore, hilltops, streams, and nearby beaver dam or ancient rock quarry.

Tripcraft is an introduction to the skills of pitching tents, outdoor cooking, map and compass reading, and safe use of pocket knife and bow saw.

Gardening is offered to those interested in cultivating and harvesting the vegetables and flowers planted earlier in the spring.

Animal Care involves feeding and grooming our summer pets: looking after a pair of goats or rabbits, pigs or lambs.

Composting and Recycling have become part of our daily lives at camp. All of us help to sort out those items from our refuse that can be reused or recycled.

Animal care

Leave No Trace

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