Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Special Events

Special Events
Concert skit in the Red Barn

Council Fires are held by the lakeshore at sunset once a week to sing, tell stories, plan programs, and discuss matters of importance to the camp community.

Gold Rush, Treasure Hunt, Pioneer Meet, Aquatic Meet, Olympics, a County Fair, Dutch Auctions, and other unusual events provide special afternoon fun once a week.

The Red Barn is a gathering place where both camps meet for plays, skit nights, square dances, Senior socials, rainy day activities, and concerts. Children who play piano or who bring musical instruments to camp are encouraged to perform.

Singing is a popular pastime, spontaneously at meals or on trips, in groups such as the "Wheezlings", and at council fires.

Lincoln Council Fire

Leave No Trace

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