Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Field & Courts


Tennis, Archery, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Touch Football are offered for instruction and recreation. There are also many chances to play Capture-the-Flag, Volleyball, Frisbee Golf, Tetherball, Halfcourt Basketball, Lacrosse and a variety of other field games.

While we consider ourselves to be non-competitive, in that we offer every child the opportunity to learn and practice all sports, our instruction provides a competitive level of skill acquisition. We offer the chance to play team sports against other local camps and we frequently play inter-camp tournaments or matches, enabling campers to practice skills and techniques on a regular basis. Our instructors are aware of the demands from school teams in the off season and tailor sessions to build on and maintain the level of play that individuals already possess. In addition, we are able to introduce these sports to those who don't already have experience, should they choose to try something new.

Many of our campers enjoy sports and spend much of their time on the field, while others prefer different pursuits. Both philosophies are easily accomodated at Lincoln and Whippoorwill.




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