Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Whippoorwill - Saranac

Both camps are divided into three separate housing areas, the youngest girls and boys in cabin groups of four or five, Juniors in groups of five or six, and Seniors in groups of six or seven. A counselor lives with every cabin group. Serving as bedroom, resting place and hangout, the cabin becomes central to each camper's life at camp, where friends are made, thoughts and ideas are shared, and much can be learned about the give and take of living with others.

Bathrooms are connected to the cabins of the youngest girls and boys. Juniors and Seniors walk a short distance to their washhouses, and all bathrooms and showers feature conventional plumbing.

Each age group has a central gathering place, with fireplace, bookshelves, ping pong table, and space for indoor play.

In the dining halls we sit family-style at tables of seven or eight campers and counselors. Every boy or girl takes a turn waiting on table once a week.

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