Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Camp Lincoln was established in 1920, and Camp Whippoorwill in 1931, by Colba F. "Chief" Gucker. His son, Peter L. Gucker and his daughter, Janet G. Farrington, directed Lincoln and Whippoorwill since the late 1950's, and now serve in consulting roles. Pete's daughter, Nancy Gucker Birdsall, directed Whippoorwill since 1984 and is now serving as Executive Director of North Country Camps.

Kate Green directs Camp Whippoorwill and Doug Furman directs Camp Lincoln. Kate worked as a counselor, Program Director, and Associate Director before taking on the Director position of Whippoorwill in 2007. Doug's father and grandfather both worked at camp, and Doug spent his childhood as a camper at Lincoln, and working as a Counselor, Section Head, Trip Leader, and Associate Director before taking on the Lincoln Director position in 2009.

Susan Gucker Dion manages the camp food service and office. David Birdsall and Peter H. Gucker oversee the physical plant maintenance and development.  Fourth generation staff members include Mandy Dion and Logan Birdsall, camp-famous chefs at Whippoorwill.

Kate and Doug are joined by Associate Directors David Birdsall, Liz Westergaard, Amy Carlstrom, Emily Furman, Ruth Needleman, and Ted Sonneborn.  Our counseling staff of almost sixty young men and women is composed of a number of experienced head counselors and activity leaders, together with several recent college graduates and present college students, many of them former campers. A majority return to the staff from one summer to the next. Each camp has a Registered Nurse or Health Care Professional in residence. Physicians are on call, and the city of Plattsburgh provides a modern, well-staffed hospital.

Kate and Doug, Directors of North Country Camps





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