Camp Lincoln For Boys and Camp Whippoorwill for Girls

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Lincoln and Whippoorwill are "brother/sister" camps, organized independently from one another, with separate dining, sleeping, and program facilities. Yet we are one organization, operating on the same schedule, and joining together for a variety of activities. 

Ours are small camps, functioning more like a large family than a formal institution. Enrollment is limited to ninety boys and ninety girls, ages eight to fifteen. Many are the daughters, sons, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren of former campers. More than eighty percent of eligible campers return each season.

Because resourcefulness and confidence grow through willing effort, work experience is offered to all campers - from waiting on tables to bringing in the hay; from sweeping the cabins to rolling the tennis courts, varnishing canoe paddles, or helping to care for the horses.

Here quoted are three recent observations by North Country Camps parents:

"It would be difficult to summarize all the benefits of our children's years at the North Country Camps - certainly self-confidence that comes from learning skills, a contented spirit from careful nurturing, and a happy caring for all of you who have spent the summer together."

"Both of my children find your camp a wonderful experience. I believe it is because they have found the kids and the counselors very kind, fun and easy to get to know. They love the activities because they can make their own choices and determine their own pace. They certainly experience being responsible for themselves and being self-motivated. Above all, they relax - a very important thing for urban children."

"We have been very happy to find a camp that remembers what summer camp is all about"



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